Our Team

Owen Humphreys
I founded Melbreck Technical Recruitment in September 2012. I already had a lot of experience, and I wanted to give people a more straight forward service and work in a better way than I had been able to in the past. I was also ready for the challenge of building my own business (at the same time as starting a family!). Since I started the business we have grown and overcome many challenges, but one thing that has not changed is the ethos of giving the best service possible, ultimately to help people in the most straight forward and effective way we can. Whatever people may tell you, there is no magic wand in recruitment, and no "one size fits all process". Instead of taking that approach, we take each person, company and opportunity that we work with on their own merits, and work our hardest to help them achieve their goals. Our business is founded on helping people, and each person is different. I always want us to understand that. We are, and always will be an independent company. As such you will get a personal service from us, whoever you are, and your experience of working with Melbreck will always matter to me personally.
Matt Church
I joined Melbreck Technical Recruitment in February 2013 as a Senior Recruitment Consultant, having already worked in the industry for 3 ½ years. Owen offered me the opportunity to join the business and set up an office in the South with a view to growing the business. My background was quite diverse when I joined and I already had an in-depth technical knowledge of several engineering sectors. This meant we were able to offer a lot of experience and an adaptable approach to the way in which we worked, this is still the cornerstone of what we offer now. I have had a fantastic career with Melbreck so far, with many achievements over the years, the most notable of which was being made a Director of the business in 2016. I am proud of what we have achieved together so far and know that there is much more to come. It has not always been plain sailing as there have been many obstacles to overcome, but with our commitment to our clients and with how passionate we are about what we do, we will continue to deliver and overcome any challenge that is put in front of us.
Ilona Litwin
Recruitment Consultant
Ilona joined Melbreck in June 2013 as a Resource Consultant. Since joining us Ilona has had several promotions, the most notable of which being her promotion to Recruitment Consultant in December 2014. During her time with Melbreck, Ilona has made a name for herself as someone who can support clients in filling the most difficult and complicated of requirements, this has been across multiple industries and skill sets. Ilona’s experience and expertise are very broad, this means that she is perfectly placed to be able to assist with any requirement you have.
Sam Thomas
Resourcing Consultant
Sam joined Melbreck in March 2014 and has worked in Engineering and technical recruitment since 2007. Sam is a crucial part of our team as a resource consultant. Every day is different for her with constant new opportunities to find people for. She speaks with many different people from all walks of life on behalf of Melbreck and our clients. Sam enjoys making a difference by helping candidates with their career aspirations, and helping our clients grow their teams to achieve their own goals. Sam is passionate about what she does and committed to working with candidates.